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Driverless Cars – A Future Reality

Can you imagine a scenario whereby everyone has the ability of getting around safely and easily, regardless of their inability/ ability to drive? This would mean that your loved ones who are impaired (visually or physically) or aging wouldn’t necessarily have to surrender their independence. Valuable time that you usually spend commuting from one place to another could be devoted to carrying our more constructive activities. The number of serious injuries and deaths due to traffic accidents could be significantly reduced, especially since a huge fraction of the accidents are caused by human error. The scenarios mentioned above may become a reality in the near future, thanks to the development of driverless cars. What are driverless cars? Driverless cars (also known as robotic/ self-driving cars) are essentially vehicles which have the ability of sensing their environment and steering through (the environment) without assistance of drivers. These vehicles have the ability of detecting surroundings using computer vision, radar, odometry and GPS, among others. They are equipped with advanced control systems which play the role of interpreting sensory information so as to establish good navigation paths, relevant signage and obstacles. The driverless vehicles have in-built control systems which have capacity of analyzing sensory data with an objective…

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