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Nexus 5 – Blocking Phone Numbers That Annoy You

Is someone you don’t know calling you late at night when you are sleeping or do you get some random messages from your ex? Don’t worry, because now with your Nexus 5, you can block any number that you don’t know. This works for any Android device that runs CM 11.

There are two ways to block a number, one is from the settings of your dialer application and the other is via the number from your call log. Keep in mind that you will have to run CyanogenMod custom ROM on your device to have this feature available.

It is rumored that the blacklist will be available for the official Android OS on the upcoming Android 5.0 L.

Blocking a phone number on your Nexus 5 that runs on CM 11 via the settings method

In case you are getting annoying text messages or calls from a specific person, you can use this method to block the number from where you receive the text messages or calls.

First, go to your dialer application, Settings->Blacklist and enable it. To add a number in your blacklist, you will have to tap the “+” symbol from the bottom and write it there or “paste” it in case you copied the number from a message you received. This is also the place where you can remove numbers from the blacklist. You will also have the option on what to block from the specific number and you can toggle between blocking calls or messages by tapping the icons to the phone number. After you set the blacklist parameters, just tap “ok” to save the blacklist.

In case you want to remove a number from the list, you can just tap the name or number from the list and tap “delete”. You can always disable all the blacklisted numbers by switching blacklist off.

Blocking a phone on your Nexus 5 via the call log method

This method is quite easy and you will just have to go to your phone’s call log and find the number you want to block. Once you find the number that’s bothering you, bring up the profile of the number or contact by tapping on the little clock that is located somewhere in the right side.

From here, all you have to do is to hit the menu button (which is the 3 dots from the top right corner) and you will see a new option called “Add to blacklist”. Tap that and the specific number or contact will be blocked. To remove it from the list, you will have to take the same steps, but instead of “Add to blacklist” you will have to remove it.