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Longing for the Note 4 Experience on your Android Device?

The Galaxy Note 4 will be very, very expensive and we’re pretty sure that most of you will want to wait a few months or one year, until its price will be cut. However, if you already have an Android smartphone, there’s a way to turn it into a Note 4, by emulating many features from it.

What do you need?

First of all, you must have root access on your phone/tablet, to change system settings, but do this only if you know what you’re doing. Before giving access to other software, you’d better back up your files, because you wouldn’t want to lose them in case something goes wrong.

Change the wallpapers

The Note 4 has some specific wallpapers you might want to have on your Android device. To experience the Samsung experience, download one of the wallpapers you like the most and install it on your smartphone. At least the home screen will fool any newbie user who doesn’t know how the Note 4 looks on the outside. If you have a giant Samsung phablet with a wallpaper “stolen” from the Note 4, you’ll have the impression that you’re really using a Note 4.

Audio files

The Note 4 has an audio library that was copied by dack23, a developer from the XDA forums. Thanks to him, you’ll have access to every ringtone, alarm, system or notification sounds. In total, 190 audio files. But, to change your old sounds with the new ones, you’ll need root permissions.


The Note 4 no longer has exclusive applications. Now, you can download any application and install it on your device, and the good news is that you don’t need root permissions for some of them. You must know that if you don’t have Touchwiz UI on your device, some applications won’t work properly.


It’s not a rule to use a certain font, but many Android users choose the standard Roboto font, which comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. To install the font used on the Note 4, you’ll need root permission and the installation process is the same as when installing audio files.

Boot animation

When you “fire up” your device, a boot animation plays in the background. That specific boot animation on the Note 4 was developed by the same user from the XDA forums, but the ripped version will come with the logo of the local carrier that sells the Korean version of the phone.

When you find an animation that you want installed on your device, let’s say on a Nexus 5, download it to the phone and reboot into recovery then flash it. Switch off your phone, press + hold Power and Volume Down and you’ll have access to Fastboot, the enter Recovery. Use the volume keys and you’ll confirm using the Power button. Reboot and enjoy your new animation!