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HoloLens: Is Augmented Reality The Next Big Thing?

Microsoft is busily assembling what they believe could the next trend i.e. a reality product by the name HoloLens. HoloLens have been specifically designed for gamers who find the 3-D experience enjoyable. Its something similar to the virtual reality (VT) but its a little bit different.

How it operates

The platform is basically built from computer generated holograms that have a virtual projection. These holograms resemble and acts as other parts of the real; world. According to the Microsoft website, you can pin several holograms in various physical locations as easily as the way you would put a physical object inside a room. You can as well interact with the physical objects as well as the holograms at the same time

The technology around this device

This type of technology is packed inside a headset that has similarities with the large visor. It’s unmetered and its functions are the same as those of the standalone windows 10 computers. Everything is self-contained and wireless

Reports indicate that it has a weight of less than one pound making it extremely comfortable. The headset is completely different as compared to wearing a pair of sunglasses. It contains halo-like headbands that can support any weight. The bridge of these glasses can comfortably rest on the bridge of your nose

The fit can also be adjusted using the headband as well as the small knob that is located at the back. It’s also easy to pull the display away from the face so that you can get a view that is absolutely comfortable

It’s Comfortability

There isn’t any problem if you wear glasses; you can place a pair of headset over them and you wouldn’t compromise its performance. Microsoft says that there will are no screens to touch; you can be able to create a hologram that has gestures. You can then use these gestures together with your voice as well your gaze when interacting with this device

HoloLens enable you to do a showcase on all your designs as you remotely collaborate. There are HoloNotes apps for Skype that enable the viewers to see the environment and make adjustments to holograms


Those looking for realty wide screens for viewing won’t find it while using HoloLens. The holographics are always confined in a box that is in front of your vase. The portions that are computer generated scenes can also be enlarged by following some few steps back even though the holograms will not show of the peripheral vision. A certain tester really enjoyed the potential of the gaming experience as other similar effects that included laser beams streaked past his head

Businesses could also use them as presentational tools in future. They could act as virtual Teleprompters right in front of you. Irrespective of the direction that you are looking it could perfectly pinpoint what the audiences are seeing during a presentation. This device actually changes your prospective on how to use the usual PowerPoint deck.

Microsoft has much hope that HoloLens will ease the process of printing and designing 3-D objects and come up with a snap. This could further push this technology inside the mainstream


Testers claim that the coolest features may include the ability to shrink all virtual objects, play with them, clone and copy portions of them like you would do with photo shopped images. You can then spring them back to their original sizes by simply indicating ‘actual size’

At the moment, everything remains as a proof-of-concept .Microsoft is making attempts to get developers on board so that they can develop more applications. Developer kits are being shipped in the first quarter of this year i.e. 2016. Other versions could be available in the third quarter of this year

You must also take note that HoloLens are being termed as ‘augmented reality’ and not virtual reality. Those who have the desire of using the VR experience will have to opt for the Oculus Rift, Google cardboard, Samsung gear or any other product.


HoloLens still have some mileage; it has much promise and could provide new dimensions for both business and personal use in the days ahead. Once fully developed, it could offer a wide range of options that not only enhances the gaming experience but also offers product developers from almost all industries an opportunity to look at their work from a completely new dimension that is not only more efficient but cost effective as well.