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Driverless Cars – A Future Reality

Can you imagine a scenario whereby everyone has the ability of getting around safely and easily, regardless of their inability/ ability to drive? This would mean that your loved ones who are impaired (visually or physically) or aging wouldn’t necessarily have to surrender their independence. Valuable time that you usually spend commuting from one place to another could be devoted to carrying our more constructive activities. The number of serious injuries and deaths due to traffic accidents could be significantly reduced, especially since a huge fraction of the accidents are caused by human error. The scenarios mentioned above may become a reality in the near future, thanks to the development of driverless cars. What are driverless cars? Driverless cars (also known as robotic/ self-driving cars) are essentially vehicles which have the ability of sensing their environment and steering through (the environment) without assistance of drivers. These vehicles have the ability of detecting surroundings using computer vision, radar, odometry and GPS, among others. They are equipped with advanced control systems which play the role of interpreting sensory information so as to establish good navigation paths, relevant signage and obstacles. The driverless vehicles have in-built control systems which have capacity of analyzing sensory data with an objective…

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Common 3D Printing Problems And How To Fix Them

3D printing guarantees pinpoint precision and precision. It allows mass customization and offers you the ability to deal with almost all levels of complexity. Through this technology, we can plainly say that we are only limited by imagination. Although the printing technology is remarkable, it ships with its impartial share of negatives. The following are the most common 3D printing hitches and procedures of fixing them: Stringing One must have come across this problem If they have been using printing machine for quite some time. Stringing occurs when you have minute little hairs in between your print gaps. This results when some filament leaks from the nozzle as the print moves above an open part. To fix this, enable retraction. It is a feature of the printing software. Enabling retraction causes the printer to retract the filament in the nozzle prior to the travel moving. This guarantees that no excess plastic drips from the nozzle hence producing strings. Warping Warping is a problem which occurs when one or more printing machine’s corners lifts up till the model’s base is no longer at the same level with the print board. This eventually results to eruption of horizontal cracks on the upper…

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HoloLens: Is Augmented Reality The Next Big Thing?

Microsoft is busily assembling what they believe could the next trend i.e. a reality product by the name HoloLens. HoloLens have been specifically designed for gamers who find the 3-D experience enjoyable. Its something similar to the virtual reality (VT) but its a little bit different. How it operates The platform is basically built from computer generated holograms that have a virtual projection. These holograms resemble and acts as other parts of the real; world. According to the Microsoft website, you can pin several holograms in various physical locations as easily as the way you would put a physical object inside a room. You can as well interact with the physical objects as well as the holograms at the same time The technology around this device This type of technology is packed inside a headset that has similarities with the large visor. It’s unmetered and its functions are the same as those of the standalone windows 10 computers. Everything is self-contained and wireless Reports indicate that it has a weight of less than one pound making it extremely comfortable. The headset is completely different as compared to wearing a pair of sunglasses. It contains halo-like headbands that can support any…

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Interesting Things You Should Know About Fiber Optic Cables

Technology is changing rapidly. Business owners have started to appreciate the need of using of technology to run their business. Nowadays, fiber optic cables are very common in businesses. Everyone knows that a structured cabling system is the foundation of every business network. They help in providing connectivity between servers, computers and other network devices and allowing both voice and data to be sent worldwide. When it comes to data cabling, there are different mediums available to carry that data, transferring it from point A to point B. Traditionally, a twisted pair of copper cable was used. It is still used even now as the most common form of structured data cabling. This cable normally transmits data through copper wires. However, there is a need to use faster and more advanced methods of networking. This is the reason why fiber optic cables have come into place. Fiber optic cabling is quickly on its way to becoming the next generation standard in data cabling. There are some interesting things you should know about fiber optic cables. They include: 1. They are green. Our environment is very essential to us. We should always protect it. This is the reason why most companies…

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Longing for the Note 4 Experience on your Android Device?

The Galaxy Note 4 will be very, very expensive and we’re pretty sure that most of you will want to wait a few months or one year, until its price will be cut. However, if you already have an Android smartphone, there’s a way to turn it into a Note 4, by emulating many features from it. What do you need? First of all, you must have root access on your phone/tablet, to change system settings, but do this only if you know what you’re doing. Before giving access to other software, you’d better back up your files, because you wouldn’t want to lose them in case something goes wrong. Change the wallpapers The Note 4 has some specific wallpapers you might want to have on your Android device. To experience the Samsung experience, download one of the wallpapers you like the most and install it on your smartphone. At least the home screen will fool any newbie user who doesn’t know how the Note 4 looks on the outside. If you have a giant Samsung phablet with a wallpaper “stolen” from the Note 4, you’ll have the impression that you’re really using a Note 4. Audio files The Note…

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Nexus 5 – Blocking Phone Numbers That Annoy You

Is someone you don’t know calling you late at night when you are sleeping or do you get some random messages from your ex? Don’t worry, because now with your Nexus 5, you can block any number that you don’t know. This works for any Android device that runs CM 11. There are two ways to block a number, one is from the settings of your dialer application and the other is via the number from your call log. Keep in mind that you will have to run CyanogenMod custom ROM on your device to have this feature available. It is rumored that the blacklist will be available for the official Android OS on the upcoming Android 5.0 L. Blocking a phone number on your Nexus 5 that runs on CM 11 via the settings method In case you are getting annoying text messages or calls from a specific person, you can use this method to block the number from where you receive the text messages or calls. First, go to your dialer application, Settings->Blacklist and enable it. To add a number in your blacklist, you will have to tap the “+” symbol from the bottom and write it there…

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